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Water polo club Šibenik NCP is a Croatian water polo club from town on the south of the country called Šibenik.

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The club is taking part in the Croatian water polo championship for many years. Until 2002. Šibenik played their home matches on the pool in Solaris (10 km from Šibenik) but then the pool was closed and there was a big break, which took a part on Šibenik's players. Finally, in fall 2006. the new pool was built and the club started to advance. With the arrival of new sponsors Nautical Center Prgin the club changed its name to Šibenik NCP.

All history

Although it never won a championship, it was a very tough rival to all other clubs. Also, many players from Šibenik were in national teams, or they were in state champions; but the best of them are: Perica Bukić, Renato Vrbicic, Sinisa Belamaric, Denis Supe, and Andrija Komadina. The best success accomplished in 2006-07 season when it was 2nd place in LEN cup; and third in the Croatian championship.

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