Željko Mavrović (born February 17, 1969) is a Croatian former boxer turned entrepreneur.

Interview with Željko Mavrović

Amateur career
As an amateur boxer, Mavrović was the Mediterranean champion in 1991 and Croatian champion in 1991 and 1992. Other Amateur accomplishments were:

1988 Olympic Games, Seoul, South Korea (Heavyweight)
Lost to Baik Hyun-Man (South Korea) 0-5

1989 European Championships, Athens, Greece (Heavyweight)
Lost-SD Axel Schulz (Germany)

1991 European Championships, Stockholm, Sweden (Heavyweight)
Lost-PTS Arnold Vanderlijde (Netherlands)

1991 Mediterranean Games, Athens, Greece (Heavyweight): Gold Medal
Final Match: Defeated Georgios Stefanopoulos points (Greece)

1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain (Heavyweight)
Defeated Mark Hulstrom (Denmark) 8-2
Lost to Danell Nicholson (USA) 6-9

Professional career
Upon turning professional, he became the boxing champion of Europe (EBU) in 1995 and kept his title in 1996 and 1997 against seven opponents.
In 1998, he went up against Lennox Lewis for the world heavyweight champion title, but lost after twelve rounds on points. Although he was outclassed by Lewis in the fight, his daring performance pulled appreciative comments from boxing insiders. Lewis' manager Frank Maloney said that "Mavrovic must have 240lb of steel in his chin" after the fight. Lewis described the fight as the most awkward win of his career, citing sauna-like conditions in the ring, as well as Mavrović's agility, motivation and preparedness.
Mavrovic never fought again after this bout. In the next years he was a few times scheduled against quality opposition (like for example against Hasim Rahman in 1999 where his late replacement Oleg Maskaev then knocked Rahman out of the ring in a well remembered fight), but he always had to pull out due to injuries and he ultimately had to finish his career due to an undisclosed illness.

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